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The Rose Heart


I'm Angela,

The Rose Heart Shaman

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Psychic, Spirit Channel,

Heart, Soul & Mind Healer

An Epiphany Leads to Discovering Life's Purpose

In my mid-50s, I had a remarkable spiritual experience that prompted me to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

During this time, I was guided and mentored by Mary, Mother of Jesus, who presented me with a rose and bestowed upon me the title of The Rose Heart. It wasn't until my first client experience that I comprehended the significance of the rose. As I directed divine energy into my client's heart, a magnificent rose blossomed, representing the opening of the heart.

My soul mission is to assist others in their journey towards healing their hearts, souls, and minds. Through my work, I help individuals overcome negative energy, disruptive patterns, traumas, mental blocks, and physical ailments. My approach entails providing unconditional love, support, and confidentiality without judgment.

Are you seeking a holistic approach to mind-body-spiritual healing? If so, schedule a free 10-minute consultation to determine if my services are right for you.

Actual Rose Heart of a client in Pittsburgh, PA

Shamanic Clearing

  • A two-hour in-person or virtual session focusing on deep spiritual cleansing of ancestral, past life, or present life karma. The session is designed to address depression, negativity, harmful and detrimental energy, or a variety of spiritual or psychic blockages, repetitive patterns, behaviors, sadness, heartache, poor health, dis-ease. and symptoms of disease.
  • This session is particularly beneficial for individuals who are struggling with physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual challenges. Those who feel stuck, suffer from anxiety, excessive fear, worry, insecurity, outdated programming, self-harm, negative patterns from relationships, illness, attachments, or other factors. Also beneficial for people dealing with chronic illness or struggling to maintain daily quality of life and vitality. Session goal to strengthen overall wellness, self-empowerment, balance & peace.
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Person's Hand Into Magical Healing Energy Field

The Call of the Crystals

Balancing Your Energy/Chakras: A 90-120 Minute Session

  • During this session, the client first sets their intentions. Utilizing the Law of Attraction, the client will choose the crystals to help during the Shamanic-Energy Clearing process. The crystals work in tandem with the client's energy and intention. To clear the chakras, divine spirit allies and archangels are called upon to assist.
  • This session offers a relaxing and inviting way to experience energy clearing and freeing blockages. Through the combination of crystal attraction and Shamanic practices, a holistic union is established to achieve this goal.
  • Please note that this session is only available in-person at specific locations in the Pittsburgh area.
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  • Click here to book 90-minutes
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Psychic / Oracle Readings

  • 30 minute virtual session/ choose from:
  • The Shaman's Dream - Mystical wisdom of the Shaman through nature, the elements, and the spirits beyond the veil.
  • The Archangel Fire Oracle, - Wisdom, guidance, and encouragement from the Archangel realm to enlighten, strengthen, and support one on the path ahead.
  • The Rose Oracle - The Great Mother Goddess of all, provides Divine Feminine wisdom through the Rose Thread of time and ancestry.
  • Additional Oracles and Tarot available. All provide enlightenment, ancient wisdom and pathways to process challenges and enjoy the delights of life.
  • Click here to book now,
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Standard Rates and Pricing

Shamanic / Crystal Energy Services

Psychic / Oracle Readings

  • $300.00 for 2-hours
    • Please note - For all NEW clients, a two-hour minimum is recommended.
  • $230.00 for 90-minutes
  • $155.00 for 60-minutes

Book Now!

Payment Information

  • Payment required at time of booking.
    • Fully refundable cancellation up to 24-hours before session time.
  • No refunds will be issued if cancellation is with 24-hours of session.
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Pink and Metallic Gold Alcohol Ink
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Acid Graphic Elements Filled Complex Sparkle
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Ongoing Events

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The Rose Room and Healing Sanctuary.

Relax and feel surrounded by unconditional love and nurturing at my home studio in Carnegie, PA.

Schedule your energy or healing service today.

Live in the Pittsburgh surrounding area? How about hosting a “Psychic Reading Party” with your besties! Email me to schedule.

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Pink and Metallic Gold Alcohol Ink
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Acid Graphic Elements Filled Complex Sparkle
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Free content

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The 40-Day Challenge!

A free daily challenge of posiive affirmations to help you live in better heart alignment, joy, and peace in your life. Content available on Instagram and Tiktok @Roseheartshaman. Follow along!

YouTube Channel

Follow along for more free content, channeled messages from the Archangels, Tarot & Oracle readings, and more! At least once a month I post a longer video segment with guidance for the collective.

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Client Reviews

Angela is an amazing healer on a completely different level. She has an incredible third eye and can see deeply within to help heal on deep soul level. She will bring awareness to you do you can take the next steps to healing.

Karen K - New Kensington, PA

“I feel so good from being in her energy. It's better than therapy!"

Laura - Glenshaw, PA

"I am much more positive and in-motion since my session with Angela. It was incredible and her energy is AMAZING!

Several things have opened up for me and my creative juices are back. Angela completely took away my hip/leg pain—I feel wonderful and I am so thankful. She’s obviously doing what she came here to do!!

Kathy, McCandless, PA

I had two sessions with Angela, and both of them have been pivotal in speeding my growth and expansion in every way. Angela’s approach is loving, caring, comforting, freeing, kind and soft yet powerful, deep and complete. She takes the time to understand your needs, where you are at, where you desire to be, and she propels you in the right direction.

In order to express my gratitude for her and my satisfaction for her services, here is an extract of a text I sent to her after our second session:

"Thank you so much for your support, your healing force and for shining your light on my path. You’re helping me in ways you cannot fathom, especially in giving me confidence in myself, reinforcing my faith and reemphasizing what I think about my soul mission. You’re a gem, a diamond and not any kind of diamonds, the blue one.”

I am so glad she has fully developed her natural talents and is now using them to participate actively in the healing of the World.

Isabelle - Edgeworth, PA

Rose Flower Hand Drawn Intricate Illustration

Client Reviews

“I had a session with Angela in January. She introduced a spirit guide connected to my family who mentioned I should be doing work with a non-profit organization. Well, I have secured a large contract with a local non-profit, and I am getting all kinds of publicity, and will soon be featured in their social media posts and publicity emails. I’m so grateful for my session as I paid attention to the opportunity to collaborate with a non-profit.”

“And I love watching her posts, they are so uplifting!”

P.C. Pittsburgh, PA

Angela Miller is a deeply gifted healer and shamanic adept who has blossomed like a rose herself as she has brought her healing gifts to others, including myself. I am so grateful for the energetic support she gave me, the profound release and rush of joy I felt through her process, which included powerful crystals. During the session, she delivered a wonderful message about my father's presence in spirit during the work that touched my heart and gave me comfort and ease. I cannot recommend Angela strongly enough -- you will be so happy if you work with her!

Holly - Oakland, CA.

"To say that I personally have healing to do, especially of my heart, is an understatement. To say that I am in a place in my life where I “feel” things intensely, spiritually and in the universe, is also an understatement. Shamanic healing, chakras, crystals and the spirit world are all new to me tho I feel drawn to this “space”.

Angela, has afforded me comfort, guidance, respect and of course love as I continue down my personal path of healing, learning and growing. She encourages me to move beyond my fears, failures, pain and hurt, to embrace my inner beauty, open my heart, and shine my light. I am blessed and honored to have her beside me on my journey."

Diane - Gibsonia, PA.


By contacting Angela, the Rose Heart Shaman, client understands that Angela is not a medical doctor nor a licensed therapist. Client understands that all service offerings by the Rose Heart Shaman are holistic, energetic and spiritually based. Client understands that the Rose Heart Shaman makes no medical claims of healing, wellness, nor claims of miraculous or spiritual healing and recovery. Although client may be using the services of the Rose Heart Shaman to alleviate symptoms of a disease, dis-ease, or ailment, these service offerings do not substitute for standard medical care. Furthermore, client understands that any service performed by Angela, the Rose Heart Shaman is meant to be a complement to standard medical care. Client assumes all risk and responsibility for service engagement.

Pink roses, seamless pattern

Be the beauty in the world you wish to see.

Open the Rose Heart within and set yourself free!

Wishing you love, joy, light.

-Angela, The Rose Heart